Song Lyrics
The Spellcraft Song

The Spellcraft Song

Dan Marcotte

This is the Spellcraft Song!

1. Evocation magic sparks fly and causes havoc,

Raising walls of ice and fire, force, but not prismatic,

Chain lightning, magic missiles, cones of cold and flaming spheres,

Forcecage and fireballs, Bigsby’s hands and swarms of meteors.

Necromantic magic dark morbid animating

Dead men, monsters, magic jar, cloning and life draining,

Enervation, feigning death, spectral hand plus,

all magic death related, also necrophilius!

Transmutation magic changes alters forms and features,

Polymorphing enemies to chickens, fish and other creatures,

Flying, climbing, moving earth and flesh to stone and stone to flesh,

Gravity reversing, stopping time and temporal stasis!

Abjuration magic protects and defends the caster,

Shield and globes invulnerable and such spells end the battle faster,

Wards, dismiss, dispel, imprisonment, prismatic sphere,

Magic circles, anti-magic sanctums and also sequester.

2. Conjuration magic brings monsters fighting for you,

Cloudkill, teleport, and webs, swarms, and acid arrows,

Phase door, stinking cloud, maze trap the soul, gate,

Planeshift, wall fo stone and spells that in the end create!

Divination magic finds, locates, boosts the senses,

Searches, looks about and does all reconnaissances,

Read magic, prying eyes, locate object, true strike,

Scrying, legend lore, identify and also arcane sight.

Illusion magic hides, and disguises and shadows summons,

Blur invisibility and mirror image, misdirection,

Rainbow pattern, dream, and seeming, nightmares and there’s also fear,

Scintillating patterns, major image, ghost sound, weird!

Enchantment magic rages as it dazes as it charms a person,

Hypnotizing, sleep imbuing, domination and confusion,

Feeblemind and heroism, geas and quest and mass suggestion!

Insanity, antipathy, and laughing, dancing, power word stuns-

This was the Spellcraft Song!