Song Lyrics
The Pegasus Song

The Pegasus Song

Dan Marcotte


Pegasuses, pegasi, pronounce it how you please,

Everyone sings of unicorns, but never pegasese!

Flying freely from the Alps unto the Pyrenees!

Pega pega pega pega pega pegasese! (repeat)

1.You sing about your unicorns who prance about the wood,

Every little princess would ride one if she could,

Some say that there’s no unicorns, they perished in some flood,

But what happened to the pegasus?...The plural, if you would... (Refrain)

2. When the floods did come to Earth so many years ago,

There was a boat that held a zoo, but the unicorns didn’t show

The pegasuses flew away to mountains white with snow,

And settled on a mountaintop, oh gods it was so cold!

Frosty frozen Feathered winter wings make it hard to fly,

If they stayed upon the land they knew that they would die,

They flew into the farthest highest reaches way up high,

And there they found a really big castle in the sky!

3. Around the castle Giants stood, farming cloudy fields,

Proudly irrigating crops that giants farms so yield,

The pegasi then saw the reason for the flood and reeled!

Giant farms were leaking rain, the clouds were never sealed!

The Giants didn’t know that they had flooded every nation,

They switched to hydroponics and stopped their irrigation,

If it were not for the pegasese evacuation,

We’d be under water now, what an irritation!

4. I know this is apocryphal to all mythologies,

The pegasi had stopped the flood and saved the world with ease,

But without a dragon unicorns can’t fly above the trees,

So raise your cup and give it up for polypegasusese!