Song Lyrics
The Party That Died

The Party That Died

Dan Marcotte


La la la la! My friends are all dead and gone!

La la la la! Eaten by a big black dragon!

1. I remember I once had a party, not the kind with champagne and song!

All of us brave adventurers, but now, they are all dead and gone...

We went forth in search of great treasure amidst some ruins old,

We slew many goblins and spiders and rats, and moved to the dungeon below...

Oh we were so brave and confident, no monster could hinder our pace,

Till we met with a dragon, so black, so vile, who soon put us into our place! (Refrain)

2. First the black dragon glared at our fighter and speed forth his acid so vile,

His body did sizzle and burn and melt to a puddle of flesh blood and bile.

Our cleric then prayed and moved forward to challenge the dragon in haste,

The black beast tore off his armor and shield, and chewed off his still screaming face! (Refrain)

3. Our barbarian frenzied and fearless cried forth his battle cry,

Our sorcerer ne’er did cease casting his spells, I watched them both suffer and die!

Twas over in less than a minute (ten rounds), by acid by claw tooth and tail...

By the time I struck at the mighty black fiend, all of our efforts had failed! (Refrain)

4. I fled with my lute and my life, to sing forth this lamentation!

For Jack, MacAlaster, Morton and Tom were friends till their mutilation!

I spend my days drinking in sorrow, with acid stained gold coins I pay,

Let us never forget the Party that Died, against the black dragon that day! (Refrain)