Song Lyrics
The Owlbear Song

The Owlbear Song

Dan Marcotte


I want to be serious for a moment. I want to talk about spirituality. I want to talk about, reincarnation!


Have you hugged an owlbear today? Has an owlbear hugged you?

Have you felt its beak and it’s fur-feathered arms rip your body in two?

1. As I went a walking one morning in August, through dark and perilous woods,

To a sun-dappled grove, I casually did rove, and there an owlbear stood.

Its fine fur and feathers were chestnut and tan, it’s beak was has yellow as hay.

It stood ten foot two, and then said, “HOOOO!!! HOOO!!!”

Cuz that’s all that owlbears say. Refrain

2. The owlbear saw me and charged owlbear. I offered rations of cheddar!

It hugged me instead, and bit off my head, but as you can see I got better!

It ripped off my arms with sickening SCRHHHNCCH! And tore off my legs at the femur!

A druid came by and said, “My oh my! I’ll have to deal with this later!” Refrain


But this isn’t a song about owlbears, is it? It’s a song about...reincarnation!

3. When I awoke the druid said, “Son, the owlbear gave ye a killin!”

“But here’s the thing, now you’re a halfling. We’ll try again in the mornin’.”

And the owlbear gave me a hug every day, and reincarnated was I!

But recycling your soul, can soon take it’s toll. My mind sometimes wanders... Refrain

4. I have been reincarnated so much.

I should have signed the DNR(do not reincarnate)!

I’ve been a gnu, a gnoll, a gnome, a bear and a bug, and a bugbear.

I once was a tree and a range axed me, into some tables and chairs.

I once was an elf, but now I’m myself, singing a song about owlbea