Song Lyrics
Shut The Hell Up & Sit Down

Shut The Hell Up & Sit Down

Dan Marcotte


Well the lute only works if you’re listening.

It’s the softest and sweetest of sounds.

It has fifteen strings you can hear while I sing,

So Shut the Hell Up and Sit Down!

1. It’s not a guitar or a banjo or uke, a dulcien an oud or a zither!

It’s a Renaissance lute, and yes, she’s a beaut!

and I’ll dither with her whether hither, thither, or where-ether! (Refrain)

2. The neck it is bent for to keep it in tune, the gut frets will move at your leisure,

The front is spruce pine, the back’s maple and fine,

rounded and ribbed for your pleasure! (Refrain)