Song Lyrics
Phyll The Phoenix

Phyll The Phoenix

Dan Marcotte

1. Phyll the Phoenix was bored, he wanted much more

Than to spend all his time, just waiting to die,

To rise up again, again and again

Again and again and again and again

Phyll the Phoenix was smart, a mind like a dart.

He wanted to learn much more than to just burn.

He wanted fill up his knowledge skills,

So to the library flew the Phoenix named Phyll!

He flew and he soared through doors,

and landed upon a brown desk, and made quite a mess,

The library clerk, she smirked as she worked,

She said, “You'll be needing a library card!”

He said I am Phyll, two l's, one y,

I'd like to read books ere I once again die,

She said, “Go on in, we close right at ten,

“Try not to molt on the card catalogue.”

Phyll la la la! Phyll la la loo!

A Phoenix so smart, what else could he do?

Phyll la la la! Phyll la la li!

Phyll went to the library!

Phyll la la la! Phyll la la loo!

Why didn't Phyll, think this thing through?

Phyll la la la Phyll la la li!

Twill be an ornithological tragedy!,

2. Phyll found him some tomes, by elves, dwarves, and gnomes,

All about kings, and magical things,

He learned about planes and nature’s domain.

Phyll was as happy as ever he'd been.

One scroll he unrolled, of a story so old

about an old phoenix, it’s hard to rhyme phoenix...

Phyll realized this tale was about Uncle Dale,

Who disappeared bout a century ago.

Then poor old Phyll was oh so thrilled,

He was enraptured as he read the last chapter,

Forgot his condition of random ignition,

Before the last page, he blazed up in fire!

The book was then burned, Phyll never did learn,

His Uncle Dale's story, of phoenix's glory

The library clerk lost her smirk, “This won't work...

“You'll have to learn from a scholar or bard!”

Phyll la la la! Phyll la la lor!

If you're a phoenix, it's hard to find lore

Phyl la la la! Phyll la la lammable!

It’s hard to read books, if you are flammable!

Phyll la la la! Phyll la la lad!

Has there ere been a story so sad?

Phyll la la la! Phyll la la li!

As a combustible parrot in a library?