Song Lyrics
Morton The Sorcerer

Morton The Sorcerer

Dan Marcotte

1. Morton was a sorcerer, who found his powers early on,

Blew up his family with a fireball, from that day was on the run.

He wandered and traveled, made his way every day town to town,

Learning new power which he had found, a sorcerer’s life alone.

And no one did like him, adventurers, mayors and kings and queens,

Loathed for what he had been, a murderer of his own!

2. Sorcerers know so few spells, and cast them over and over again,

Wizards laugh at their narrow list of magic which they repeat when

They’re fighting a monster, and do the same magic over and o’er,

Thus they are a constant bore for adventurers in a fight!

So Morton lived lonely, in a cave, in a hill far from town,

Nobody liked him never came round, oh he was depressed with spite!

3. Then one day the goblins came, numbering near two thousand strong!

They attacked the town near Morton’s cave, but nobody asked him to join the throng.

The wizards weren’t ready, their list of spells was just not right,

To win against so many in a fight, and the town began to fall!

And Morton looked onward, he felt bad and he felt sad,

Teleported to the town so glad to see him in the thrall!

4. Morton perched on the tower above the goblin hoards outside the walls.

He did what sorcerers do best, he launched a number of fireballs!

One fireball, two fireballs, three, four, five and six fireballs,

Seven, eight, nine and ten fireballs, he burned the goblin ranks!

Now Morton’s a hero, he is loved for the victory!

He’s the fireball chief of the whole city! They praise him and give thanks!