Song Lyrics
A Paladin In Hell

A Paladin In Hell

Dan Marcotte

1. Listen my friend, put down your drinks, this tale that I do tell!

I speak of a knight of holy light, a Paladin in Hell!

A shield of silver and armor of gold, a heart so noble and true!

He fought to save this inn and this town, his name was Sir Edwin Ardu!

2. Sir Edwin Ardu bore locks of gold and eyes of platinum gleam!

He fought for the young and innocent and punished those who sinned.

He battled and dragons vile, demons, devils and more!

But the fiercest of his enemies was a pit fiend called Balthore!

3. Balthore was crimson scaled and bore wings all wicked black.

A tail so barbed with poison strong, a torturous whipping crack!

One day he appeared in Edin’s town, and slaughtered all that dwelled,

And so Sir Edwin vengeance sought as a Paladin in Hell!

4. Sir Edwin drew his holy sword and spurred his milk-white steed.

And found him a portal mystical, it’s runes he then did read.

The portal erupted in hellish flame and Edwin charged it well,

For to avenge his home and hearth, this Paladin in Hell!

5. Sir Edwin Ardu sought Balthore’s lair amidst nine planes of fire!

Whipping off heads of devils who dared to halt his quest of ire!

Bearded, barbed, and horned and chained, and icy devils fell!

Making his way to Balthore’s tower, this Paladin in Hell!

6. Balthore stood upon his tower, atop a mountain tall.

Sir Edwin’s sword shone silver and bright, celestial’s power to call.

He spurred his steed and plunged his blade deep in the tower’s base,

The mortar of hellstone sundered so, the tower collapsed into waste!

7. Balthore burst from rubble and fire, and cracked his whipped tail!

Sir Edwin’s shield though silver and pure, did shatter against the assail!

The battle ensued for three whole days, his blade verse claws and spells,

Till Balthore cried, “Curse you foul knight! Ye Paladin in Hell!”

8. Balthore tore a rift in space, a portal of light did appear,

Revealing this town, this street, this inn, folks drinking their beer!

The pit fiend laughed and made his move, innocent folk to kill,

And slipped through the rift to our fine little town to challenge Sir Edwin’s will!

9. But Edwin reached out, Balthore to catch, the red tail upon his arm furled!

Both devil and knight were locked in a fight between two separate worlds.

Sir Edwin Ardu then pledged his soul to hold Balthore at bay,

And the portal collapsed with both of them trapped in a clutch of death to this day!

10. So now let us raise a tankard or glass, and toast Sir Edwin Ardu!

Trapped for e’er between the plane, defending just us few!

Sir Edwin Ardu is the man of the day, alas we knew him well,

He fought for us all with heart, soul, and steel, this Paladin in Hell!